The Mendocino Coast is witness every year to the mass migration of over 20,000 California Gray Whales, making their way south from Alaska all the way to California’s Baja peninsula for calving season. The whales then travel back north with their calves to colder waters, again skirting along our rugged coastline. Mendocino offers the perfect opportunity to view these gentle ocean giants from November through April.

Mendocino’s coastline offers numerous perches along its magnificent bluffs from which you can find a spectacular view of the whales. You can take a short walk from the Headlands Inn B&B to the Mendocino Headlands to view this migration from the shoreline. The areas historical lighthouses also offer unobstructed views of the coastal area. There are numerous outfitters that will take you out in an excursion boat to give you a close encounter with these ocean mammoths. You may also take a flight over the coast to get a literal bird’s eye view of the amazing spectacle of this ancient migration ritual.

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Mendocino Whale Festivals

The Mendocino Coast offers a month long celebration of everything Whale during the month of March. Visit the area for special wine, beer and food tastings, art exhibits and demonstrations, craft fairs and of course, whale watching events. The festivals occur over multiple weekends, making March the perfect time to spend time on our shores.

  • Mendocino Whale Festival – First Weekend in March

  • Little River Whale Festival – Second Weekend in March

  • Ft. Bragg Whale Festival – Third Weekend in March